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G25 Multi R,O,G,G,B LED 5-Color G25 "Super-Razz" (one-inch diameter globes) Holiday Light Set (25 Bulbs)
4 Color Razzberry



Rare 4-Color --Red, Green, Gold, Blue-- G12 "Razzberry" LED Holiday Light Set (70 Bulb)




Our Satisfaction Guarantee
Comments from the President, G. Tom Tsao

At Inirgee.com, we strive to find products which are both unique and of very high quality. We also want these products to save you money.
You will often find that our prices are higher than seemingly-comparable products, but you will always find a better value at Inirgee.com.

For instance, most of our LED light strings are Forever Bright (tm) and Lifetime Guaranteed. Lesser-quality products cannot have such a
strong guarantee. You will find many knock-offs of our Forever Bright(tm) lights, but you won't find the same qualilty. The differences are
in the details, such as color-matched LEDs, sealed bulbs that won't let moisture in, long, 70-light strings, end-to-end plugs, no power transformer
required, UL rating, etc.

Also, and I know of no other company that does this, we buy sample products of almost everything we intend to sell, then abuse them sufficiently
such that we are certain the products will endure more than the regular wear-and-tear expected during their useful lifetime. If a product doesn't survive
the abuse-test, we don't carry it in our regular line (you might find it in the discount department, but we will never attempt to sell you a cheap product
as if it were top-quality). Remember, I am a consumer, too. And I can't stand it when a store tries to pass off poor quality as "excellent."

We give you worry-free purchasing and a happy, safe experience in online shopping.

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are ever dissatisfied with a product you bought from us, you may return it for refund or credit.
    Email us for authorization before you return any purchase so we know to watch for it (otherwise your return may get lost in the flurry of
    activity here in the warehouse and office).

  • We give you 10 days to decide if you love your purchase. Keep the original packaging 'til then because any returns must be in re-saleable
    condition or we cannot issue refund or credit. See our Return Policy.

  • We want your feedback (and we actually read it). Send your comments to: tom@inirgee.com. As you can imagine, I get tons of email.
    If you want a personal response, please request it. Otherwise, please know that I appreciate your comments. I want to hear any compliments,
    complaints, ideas, or notification of any dead links or site failures. Thanks very much!


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